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Noble Mission of St.Pierre: more happiness and good-natured joy to the people!



Time to get a little less formal, a little less serious and just sit back and smile. For such is my mission, simple as it may sound: to make you, the people around me, you my viewers, relax, smile and feel good. I want us all, whether we are dealing with happy subjects or subjects of a more serious kind, not to take everything too seriously and to see that we may indeed be a little more light-hearted about just about everything. So if there's even the minutest chance of finding something positive and preferable fun in a subject, I will look for it.


Quite simply playfulness and smiles...

Does that sound rather banal to you, or just like a clich√©? Well - luckily that doesn't bother me. For you see - I am really quite selfish (as we should all be - in a positive way). And since creating  a happy atmosphere and seeing people around me smile makes me immensely happy, and because I do believe my happiness will contribute to other people's happiness, I shall continue to do so for the rest of my life.


...mixed with some reflection

But it is also  my belief that only by delving a little further into things and considering the more negative aspects as well, can one really appreciate all the wonderful details on the surface. Looking at the positive doesn't mean denying the negative. They cannot exist without one another. It is simply the choice of, once you have looked at them both, where you want to focus. And so I've found the focus which works for me - and that's the one I want to share with you all.


So! Mission stated! Time for the regular (or perhaps not?) "About" bit, then, from the beginning....

Photo and styling by B.St.Pierre

Photo by Mona Five Herbern. Styling by B.St.Pierre

Photo: St.Pierre

From terribly seeeerious academic to happy creative

Once upon a time, in the small town of Narvik in the north of Norway, a little girl took life (and school) very seriously. Things were not to be taken lightly, and high standards must be set to any human being. There were lots of frowns on her forehead indeed. Careerwise it seemed to be  commonly agreed upon that she should become a professor, most likely in philosophy. Well yes, she thought, it did seem reasonable since philosophy was a great interest of hers.


Now that was before she went to university. One overcast day, looking about her at all the students and lecturers and professors, all busy around her, a sudden, sad realization struck her, and in wonder she said out loud: "My creative side is dying here! I refuse to let this happen. I might have studied hard throughout my life, but goodness! it really is...boring! And everything is just so seeeerious. I've always been so terribly seeeerious myself. And it doesn't make me happy! It actually makes me miserable. I don't want to be bored or miserable for the rest of my life. I want to be happy! So I must do something I love, something that is fun to me, something where I can be creative."


Now that little girl was of course me. And so, to my friends' and family's great amazement (and perhaps horror) I declared I wanted to become an actress. And I did. I left the little town far above the Arctic Circle and headed for London and three years of drama training at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts. And wow! did I finally feel at home. Never had I been so happy, and since then I have continued to enjoy my acting career, both in Norway and abroad.



TV presenting

From working on television as an actress the idea that I could do an even better job in my Noble Mission (hehe) to spread happiness to the people as myself (as opposed to as a character) on TV, grew. I liked the idea that I could reach out to more people through TV than just to those immediately around me. Now it took some time before the right opportunity turned up in the shape of TV8 Norge, but when it did I just loved it, it gave me such pleasure, and the best reward was the feedback I received. I did indeed manage to engage people and spread some happiness, I was told: well wow! mission accomplished. So I now have a profession which I absolutely adore and in which I feel completely at home.



Fashion - the great passion

That serious little girl from the past had always frowned upon the use of clothes and accessories as an expression of self. So superficial! More noble to use one's mind! Well - that changed when I moved to London. I discovered how much fun fashion was, and what a great way it was to express oneself in everyday life.


Fashion is art

So now I loooove fashion. I adoooore fashion.  I am in awe of all the fantastic designers out there, and my friends find it terribly amusing that when I attend a fashion show or see an outfit or a piece of clothing I find absolutely divine, tears well up in my eyes and I start sobbing "oh look at that, this is ART, nothing less than divine art, loooook!" Sobsobsob.


Pick, choose and create

Yet I am not a fanatic. Like most things I refuse to take even fashion too seriously. So I'm not up to speed with all the latest items from all designers, nor do I care about "what nobody should be seen without this season" - I just allow myself to be inspired by what I see, pick whatever I like and ignore what I don't like, and try to put it all together using my own creativity.


Photo by Rita Holmlund. Styling: B.St.Pierre

Photo by Adam Den Haene. Art direction, styling and design by B.St.Pierre

Photo by Elsa Gabo. Art direction, styling and design by B.St.Pierre

Photo by Santina Crolla. Styling by Benedikte St.Pierre

Fashion police? Eeeeeh...why?

I find the whole concept of "fashion police" totally absurd . I just love the way fashion may be an expression of a person's self, and in expressing oneself, why shouldn't one have total freedom? Only then comes the true joy of true creation from within. Where would fashion - or indeed anything  - be if no one broke the present rules and created something different?


More fun, please!

And most of all: why take away all the fun that playing around with fashion and coming up with some look or outfit you really like gives you, just because the experts say it doesn't look right? No! Bring back the fun!


Therefore, my dear Fashion Police: I'm sure you're going to find many of my outfits terribly bad taste (and yes! I have made some horrific mistakes which even I cringe at, and will most probably do so in the future) - but so be it: I will continue to love and enjoy my freedom of fashion expression to the full - and most definitely to cheer anyone else who wishes to do the same.



Print & Web Design

On that before mentioned overcast day when I decided to go for what gave me joy rather than what I thought I just had to do, I knew there were two things in particular I'd enjoy: acting and graphic design. So even as I decided to go to drama school, I knew, and have continued to say so over the years: "At one point I WILL do graphic design, even if I won't have the time until I'm an old age pensioner!"  Luckily I didn't have to wait all that long, and a few years back I got down to it and studied Mac & Web Design, and now I'm having a great time running St.Pierre Design as well as acting and working on TV.


So what more can I say other than hey-ho-hurraaaah! I feel blessed indeed. I feel blessed in that I am able to do all the things I like and even more. I feel blessed in that I seem to succeed in spreading happy vibes around me.


So people...forget the frowning little girl and go out and enjoy. Anything. Everything. Take your pick. After all, and as far as I know - enjoying life is what it's all about. So just do it. It's worth a try.


Happy-hoppy-hey! and all the best



Photo by Elsa Gabo. Art direction, styling and design by B.St.Pierre

Photo by Antara Roychowdhury.  Art direction, styling and design by B.St.Pierre