Dressing is expressing

Fashion: dress to express

Benedikte prefers the term dressing to that of fashion, clothes and style - although it's difficult to escape using all of the terms. By deliberately dressing - which really means what clothes you decide to put on and how you assemble or style them - you have the perfect means of expressing yourself in any way you like.


Fashion as art

It's from this perspective Benedikte approaches the whole concept of fashion: Fashion as a means of self expression and creativity. To her there is no difference between dressing and say drawing, singing or dancing - they are all ways of expressing oneself and one's creativity. To her fashion, when used in this way, is a form of art. Whether on a tiny, everyday scale, or on a larger scale such as in fashion design and all the art and skills involved in huge fashion shows -  it's all art.


Fashion police?!

In this approach to fashion, the concept of "fashion police" has no meaning. If fashion is self expression, how can anyone other than yourself tell you what to wear?




Logo for website The Fashion Bandit and The Fashion Bandit's Freestyle Photo Project by Benedikte St.Pierre
The Fashion Bandit Benedikte St.Pierre is hanging on for her bare life...Photo by Elsa Gabo.

From The Fashion Bandit. Photo by Elsa Gabo

 Photo montage and styling by B.St.Pierre. Photo by Elsa Gabo.

Norwegian TV-presenter, designer and AD Benedikte St.Pierre as The Fashion Bandit. Photo by Santina Crolla.

The Fashion Bandit


Fashion photography with a solid sense of humour

From this fashion philosophy sprang The Fashion Bandit, a website/photo blog particularly present on Instagram. Under the slogan "Wear what you like", Benedikte, together with professional photographers, produce high quality fashion photography expressing fun, playfulness, humour and irony, playing with stereotypes in regular fashion photography and with set norms for how to dress and not to dress.


Benedikte creates and runs everything from concept development, creative management, art direction and styling as well as modelling; bringing in friends and like-minded people from the fashion world to participate.


Partners: Esmod Oslo and Fretex

The concept of The Fashion Bandit and the philosophy behind it instantly appealed to influential parties on the Norwegian fashion scene, and The Fashion Bandit now boasts a cooperation with Esmod Oslo and Fretex Norge.





Photo by Art direction and styling by B.St.Pierre.